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What's Happening!

Hello property hunter and welcome to my open house and featured homes page. Sometimes business is booming and sometimes not so much. So check back here often to see if I'm hosting an open house or featuring a listing for myself or one of my many friends in the biz.


Open Houses

All work and no play makes Lisa a dull girl. Check back often to see where and what I'm hosting. Something's coming up real soon. It always does in SWF!

Lisa's listings

When she has active properties on the market, they'll be featured here.

3307 Sunny Harbor.png

lisa's Mag seven

These are featured listing from Lisa's friends and colleagues in the biz. Check back often for updates Click the listing for more information

218 S Hernando-W.png
2750 Ryan Blvd.png
1573 Faraday-W.png
7810 N Rome-W.png

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