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Welcome to my blog page. This is a free space for anyone and everyone to come in and chat about anything they'd like to share. Please keep it civil and please be respectful. That's all I ask. otherwise, feel free to sit down, kickback and unload at my little intersection of life on Earth.

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Get Out There And Ride!

Lisa and I are avid cyclers. We've been riding mountain bikes together since not long after we met in 2007. Back then, up in Pennsylvania the trails were sick and plentiful. We got all kinds of vertical in and on and around the ridges of Appalachia. Down here the trails are just as fun whether your a novice out for a pleasure cruise or a seasoned rider going for speed and helluva sub tropical workout.

Check out this link below to star finding some amazing trails to ride.

Also, here is a very good organization to join if you're not a member already.

Now get out there and ride!

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