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Well, congratulations savvy internet traveler! You've got the attention to detail to NOT skip along past my easter egg. So kudos to you.

Don't Hate The Player ...

I think I was about 9 or 10 when my parents presented me with my first video game console. It was 1980 or 1981 ... can't remember for sure but I do remember being mezmerized by the, then, very primitive graphics and game play. I played Combat, and Lazer Blast and Pitfall, and Stampede, and Super Breakout and Warlords, and Night Driver and Haunted House and Yars Revenge and more than I could or want to list here.

My favorite, however, ..... is the one game that I kept coming back to play over and over again.


So, I'm not going to go into extensive detail about the game here. This is just a little egg you found to highlight a little something about this unassuming and thoroughly 'behind the scenes' fella that designed Lisa's site for her.

But I will have you know that the game was the world's first to being coined as having an Easter Egg left behind by the game designer for people to find. There is a very interesting back story that goes along with the invisible dot

Click the flashing game image to read all about Warren Robinett and his magnificent defiance of the gaming corporate hierarchy. I still remember the day I first found that room.
Heres to Mr. Robinett!

He created the first digital easter egg to be called an easter egg. And this page is mine and my tribute to him and my favorite video game of all time!

If you don't have an Atari 2600 or the game you can just click on Yorgle over here to the right and play it anyway.

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rabbit is good
rabbit is wise
Whenever I am asked where and how I came up with the name "TAC RABBIT" for my little graphical side hustle; I tell them it's pretty much game related.

Nowadays I play War Thunder online. I've pretty much perfected the ambush, hide, hit and run method of combat with the Russian BMD-4 airborne droppable infantry scouting vehicle.
To put it quite simply
I play and win ... like a tactically-minded rabbit.
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