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Lisa Creighton, MBA

License# SL3549795, FL

"Any entity, no matter how strong, must grow and change ... or it will surely die."

----- Hiram Percy Maxim, circa 1908

Meet Lisa Creighton, an extraordinary individual whose journey from a small town near Grand Rapids, Michigan to becoming a compassionate and dedicated professional is truly inspiring. Growing up on a historic farm built in the 1840's, Lisa cherished the values instilled by her close-knit family of four sisters and three brothers, including one brother who served in the Army, following in Lisa's own footsteps.

From a young age of eleven, Lisa's innate passion for teaching and helping others bloomed, setting her on a path of making a positive impact in people's lives. While initially aspiring to become a nurse, Lisa's love for assisting others expanded into various avenues, as she discovered a remarkable ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. This talent was honed through the experience of living in eight different states and even abroad in Germany, offering her a unique perspective on the world and its inhabitants.

During her college years, Lisa's true calling emerged when she found her love for psychology, recognizing her natural inclination towards understanding others' emotions and an unwavering desire to assist them in any capacity. Her dedication and empathetic nature led her to contribute her time and efforts to several noteworthy causes. In 2016, Lisa participated in the Chicago Marathon as part of Team World Vision, helping raise funds to provide clean water to children in need. She has also been actively involved with various church organizations, sharing her knowledge and offering assistance in teaching and other areas.

Lisa's thirst for knowledge and personal growth knows no bounds, resulting in her achieving a Bachelor's degree in Science with a focus on Human Services Management, followed by a Master's degree in Business. Her passion for learning is unyielding, and she openly admits that she would have pursued education indefinitely if given the opportunity.

Having relocated to the Southwest Florida (SWFL) area nearly 18 months ago, Lisa and her family have deep roots in the community dating back to 1940. Embracing her love for community and people, Lisa joined the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and now serves as an ambassador for the county, exemplifying her commitment to fostering positive relationships and contributing to the region's growth.

Lisa's genuine care for the well-being of others is further demonstrated through her extensive six-year volunteering stint with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Pennsylvania. Her unwavering support for those facing mental health challenges showcases her unwavering dedication to uplifting individuals and making a difference.

Today, Lisa's remarkable combination of professional achievements, community involvement, and genuine love for people has led her to embark on a new chapter as a real estate professional. As your go-to person for all your real estate needs, Lisa's inherent understanding of others' feelings, along with her dedication and drive, ensures that she will go above and beyond to assist you in every possible way.

With Lisa Creighton by your side, you can be confident that you are working with a compassionate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy individual who is ready to make your real estate experience exceptional.


Academic Credentials


Bachelors of Science, Human Services Management

Degree Awarded: February 2011

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Degree Awarded: February 2013


Florida Sales Associate 63 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Florida Sales Associate 45 Hour Post Licensing Course

State of Florida Licensing Exam (PASSED!)

License# SL3549795, FL

Real Estate  Negotiations Expert Course

Certificate Awarded: August 2023

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